Cowboy says hello!

    • C0WB0Y
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      Howdy folks!

      Just new here but have been playing poker for about 6 yrs. I am a 50 yr old 9 man sng specialist. I hope to learn alot from you folks and look forward to the forum.

      Gidee Up!
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    • ExternalUseOnly
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      Howdy cowboy,

      How are you today?

      Where abouts are you from?

      We have a few Sng specialists that you might be able to learn a trick or two from here in our forums :) Tell us then how did you get into poker? What kind of success have you had playing Sng's so far and what limits are you playing?

      Have a good Monday
    • C0WB0Y
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      Hey Carl I started into poker when my brother told me that someone shipped him $10 to have a go at some online poker. He has never deposited ever. Me not so much! LOL. But anyway I have almost always played 9 and 18 mans but after watching some spacegravy videos I have had some pretty good success all the way up to $15 9 mans.
      I currently play the $1.50/$3.50 9 mans and with the uber good format of the Micro Millions on Pokerstars that pretty much sums it up.

      My screen name on PS is 19honu62
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      best of luck :)