The problem is that it's not possible to register the product (Everest Hand Grabber) because there is no field in which to input the email & password. Supposedly it's found in the program under /help/about but there is no such field.

It's one of the biggest glitches ever and I still can't find any info on it. Of course I've already posted a ticket but they have yet to respond.
I've asked a friend to download and install the program to see if it was something local but it wasn't.

Anyone else have this problem or better yet a solution for it?

UPDATE: A week without respons from their support so I would recommend against bying Everest Hand Grabber until they've fixed this bug the size of the moon. You can easily check by downloading and installing (1.5 MB) and look under /help/about if their are any fields where you can input email and password.
I could also mention that I've switched from Everest to iPoker and that IdleMiners iPoker Hand Grabber is possible to register and works without problem.