Hey err'body

I'm grinding up a BR using the good old fashioned SSS and I'd like to open it up a bit against some of the wannabe gus hansens at the table. A good example is this one chap playing 69/25/4 (vp$ip/pfr/3bet) over 100 hands. I'm aware that's a very small sample for things like 3bet, fold to 3bet, and 4bet.

I'm interested in coming over-top with a few more hands than the SHC recommends against an or from this kind of player. I feel exploited folding AQ against this guy, and I'm almost certainly going to start pushing that on him if his stats remain like this, but I'd like to get some advice as to what equity a hand should have against his kind of range. AQ vs equilab's 25% hand is around 60% against that range- about 5% less than AK or JJ.

Thanks for reading and replies.