OK, things haven't been ticking along so beautifully. Since I moved up to to NL4 I've pretty much been going along at breakeven at 3bb/100 over 7k hands.

No doubt it's just a horrible streak of luck and if things were running normally I'd be back up around 60bb/100. :f_p:

But just in case it isn't I suppose I should keep trying to improve!

Apart from studying all the stuff I should be. I'm going to have a play with some stats. I don't really know what are 'good stats' or 'bad stats' for someone playing the micros. And with only 10k hands it isn't super accurate, but hopefully I can get something from it.

I also don't know a heck of a lot about poker stats or getting the best use from pokertracker so this will help there too.

So, for now I'm just going to wing it... If anyone has some tips or sees some obvious problems I'd love to hear it!

Here are some overview stats

PFR and VPIP by position


BB 6.69
EP 7.75
MP 12.07
CO 18.95
SB 19.47
BTN 31.5


EP 12.16
MP 16.06
BB 19.03
CO 23.32
SB 36.93
BT 39.12

One thing I'd noticed playing is that my check/raising on flops is very profitable.

I've ony done it 18 times but my BB/100 won from these hands is 1370 with only 2/18 being losing hands that I folded at the turn.
Now I usually have pretty damn good hands here, but I only ended up showing 3/18 hands, with 12/18 won by fold to the flop raise.

So I think there is some room to do some more of this check/reraising stuff on the flop. Ideally when:

- I'm a preflop caller and the flop hits my range nicely, even though I miss.
- it's against the more regular players who will fold, not the fish.
- the hands have some kind of draw for when they get called would be nice.

OK, next stop preflop raises.

Looks pretty nice, keep doing that.
I then sorted this by position, but I don't think I have enough data to get much use out of that. Maybe if I took a few outlier 'spew' hands out of the data, but lets not worry about that for now. The outliers that is, the removing 'spew' is priority number 1.

My PFR and VPIP by position show a lot of action around the blinds.

Let's check out calls from the SB.

When I'm the only one in the pot, completing my SB, I'm losing .52bb/hand with a 33 hand sample with no outliers. I guess this may mean doing this is pretty much a waste of time. I might as well fold these marginal hands save the energy and time for other places.

I've been trying to do this only with fishy players with a fairly high range, but perahps even so, this still isn't even worth it.

Whilst looking at limping, I've done it 27 times from MP at 1.8bb/hand with mostly pocket pairs. And 52 from EP losing .5bb/hand.

Not a lot of data so unable to gain much from this. Limping from EP with these pocket pairs is certainly no huge winner. Perhaps this can be improved by better postflop play to make it at least decent.

Lets take a look at my 3 betting

First glance at this looks very profitable. I think I can definitely do more of this. I also think I can improve on this immensely by 3betting smarter (from better positions and with better hands).

About 50% of these hands see the flop. And of those that do and get cbet, 75% get folded then and there. Now I have to be careful with lack of data and unexamined flops, but it does look like there may be potential in barreling these flops after 3betting.

When sorted by position, my 3betting looks pretty good universally and slightly better from blinds where it is also more active. Attacking blind thieves looks like a good idea.

My raised steal is going along at 3.66bb/hand from BB and 2.97bb/hand from SB. So I can definately do this more.


- Look to check/raise more flops
- Less open limping
- Look to 3bet more, be open to cbetting the flop if called.
- More defending blinds