Underdog's Holiday @ FTP? Join NOW!!!

    • midgetjay
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      So I grinded out on Full Tilt Poker for 7 hours today. Managed to make a whopping profit of $1. I think today was a special FTP "Underdog Holiday." All of my coinflip situations obviously had peanut butter on one side. :D But for real, I kept track of every time I was in a coinflip and I only won 3 out of 17 times. Not to mention all the times I had someone dominated A-K vs A-x. Sure enough, that x fell on the board. My A-Q versus your Q-5? No problem, FTP, go ahead and give him the 5. KK vs JJ? Chuck the Jack out on the river and make their day. I felt like a psychic today; I could foresee suckouts left and right! YAY, I flopped a full house! (In the back of my mind I prepare to lose to runner-runner -- even though I HIGHLY doubt it.) It was as if the cards fell in slow motion. You see him hit 1 of his 2 outs on the turn. Time screeches to a halt for like 30 seconds, lol. Then the river card comes down... What is it? What is it?... Does that make his backdoor fullhouse too?

      **checks cards**


      Unbucking felievable.

      Anyways, I'm just venting some steam out. Everytime I was the favorite, I lost. 80-20 favorite? Lose.
      70-30 favorite? Lose.
      92-8? A definite loss!
      52-48? Come on now, if you lost with 80-20, you KNOW you're gonna lose this flip. Lose.

      The only money I made today was when I had a table full of donks who took each other all out. Oh yeah, I lost pocket QQ's to the legendary/despicable 2-7o today too. Isn't that special?
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