Please oh wise ones! Answer my ZOOOM questions!

    • Sashalyuber
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      I have a couple question about ZOOM that I've been dying to get answered! =D

      1) Do you guys think that perhaps BSS may be more successful with the zoom format when compared with MSS (Adjusted to 50BB)?

      2) What is my re-stealing range from BB with a raise from SB, BU, or CO?

      3) What is my re-stealing range from SB against BU or CO?

      4) Because of the fact that many fish may be playing tighter because of the format. Does this mean one should adjust his PFR in early position in order to play only top notch hands such as JJ+, AJs+ ?

      5) How do we feel about limpers? How should they be treated when we are stealing blinds?

      Thanks Guys!
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    • ProlinePoker
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      Zoom is only a different game in your mind...

      What's the difference between a zoom table you just joined with no stats in your HUD versus a normal ring game you just joined facing new opponents for the first time?

      Or, what's the different between your 100,000th zoom hand, with significant stats in your HUD for all opponents, versus a normal ring game where you already have stats on them?

      Can you see any difference in both scenarios? I'll answer that for you: there's no difference at all.

      However, in zoom you'll get more hands per hours, therefore you get coolered "faster" when compared to the normal ring game pace, that's why people say zoom is rigged, that's stars is fixind hands, etc, etc... but nothing like that is really happening, it's your mind that tells you so.

      With this being said and considering your specific question, you shouldn't forget that MSS is optimized for 40BB stack and your minimal buy-in in a zoom table corresponds to the exit points of the MSS strategy in terms of stack size. I haven't tested MSS in zoom yet (due to the fact I just mentioned) but I suspect it might work at the micros, not sure about higher stakes.

      Besides, people tend to have smaller winrates at zoom. A smaller winrate is due to the fact that you'll more often play with regs/nits instead of fish. So the MSS winrate, even if it was fully functional in zoom, would be lower. Just look around the forum and you'll see that in the time of FTP, a lot of people were breakeven at rush NL25 and above BUT breaking even was fine because you had rakeback on FTP, which you don't in Stars...

      So, I think zoom is better played following BSS, but I'm sure there are players playing an effective 50BB strategy already. But, remember this, MSS was a strategy devised to do at least a 0BB/100 winrate in the days of rush poker, where the sick volume plus rakeback made it a profitable play. In stars there's no significant rewards for micro stakes players so I think you should either play BSS zoom or MSS normal tables...