Should I flip for 5K?

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      Three days ago I sold a painting given to me by my Grandfather for $6988 at a Sydney auction house. The painting is a draft of one of Arthur Streeton's 'war works' - completed during WWII.

      My grandfather gave it to me when I was 7 and I had always assumed it was just a generic/simple piece of art. Two months ago, a friend of mine (currently doing an Literary history degree) noticed it in my spare room and was amazed. He told me it was a work by a famous Australian artist and considering I never had much attraction to the piece I sold it.

      Seven thousand dollars wealthier, I put 2K in the bank and have decided to flip the rest of the money. Five thousand is a lot of money for me (I attend uni and make ~10000 a year as a part-time barista) however I don't believe I will consider losing the flip as a loss. In my mind, I never really had the money to begin with.

      The question is where and who can I flip with.

      So far I am considering:

      1) Push or Fold 500/1000 tables with ThrCnBeOnly1/other regs.

      2) Stars PLO all-in preflop.

      Or are there any players who would be happy to flip on just a 25/50 table. All-in first hand we get.
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