Please give me advise regarding speculating in late position. I am relatively new to cash. What is a good way to go?

I know it depends on the player but for arguments sake can we say we don't know anything about him and he is opening often to a standard raise of 3BB.

Pre flop in the cut-off or on the button how would you play your low, middle and high pocket pairs? With high pairs would you look to take the pot down/ build the pot or flat call and play your opponent in position? Would you do the same with your middle and low pocket pairs?

Middle and low pocket pairs: is it positive to play the hand considering you only make a set 1 in 8 times and your opponent only hits 1 in 3 times. I assume I should be playing them, but coming in with a call or raise?

Also, in the same scenario what range of suited connectors would you advise me to play? With good suited connectors like AKs, AJs would you see a flop in position or raise it up. How about middle connectors such as J9s and low ones such as 54s. Is it better to see a flop, see if you hit and gain info on the flop and turn, or play aggressively pre flop and look to take it down with outs if he does call.

In short I'm not sure how I should be playing hands I like the look of when in position and facing a raise pre flop.