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Winning strategy in heads up forced all in.

    • Vip3rNZ
      Joined: 11.11.2011 Posts: 340
      Ok so if there is a %50 chance to win and double your money right

      First bet $1 if U win u gain $1 and repeat
      if u lose u bet $2 if u win u've gained $1 profit since U started, start again at $1

      if u lose the $2 you bet $6 so that if u win, your up by $3 even after losing the $1 and $2 previously. you then start back at $1.

      if u lose again ( 3 flips in a row ) you bet $18, then if u win your up $9 even after previously losing the previous $1, $2, $6! you then satrt back at $1.

      If you lose 4 flips in a row, you simply bet $54, then if u win you're up $27 and the start back at $1.

      You can probly see where i'm going with this, ofc you need a very big bankroll to earn a small amount but it's pretty sure thing untill the day u lose like 15 flips in a row

      ofc u can make the increments smaller to reduce variance?
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