Adding stars knockouts to normal stt-s

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    • kurrkabin
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      Hi, Luupainaja!

      I believe KOs are a nice way to mix your game. They are still softer than the normal turbos, a lot of fishes are attracted by the bounty. They are looser in general. The bounty itself plays a relatively big role as if you have the guy covered, you get-what was it-1/5-1/6 of the initial BI back if you knock him out. That will influence your overcalling ranges as well(if u have both players covered-as u play for 2 bounties) etc etc. Because of the bounty, you can expect a player to call you looser if he has more chips than you, so that also impacts your shoving range. I remember Collin Moshman had a really good video about the KOs explaining in details exactly what adjustments we have to make. I think he also mathematically counted how exactly the Bounty influences our ranges.

      There goes the vid: Click

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