=== Everest Poker Summer Games ===

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      Go for the gold without leaving your seat

      Channel your inner athlete for the chance to take home the gold medal this summer. Get in the competitive spirit and qualify for up to five shares of $10,000 by playing your favorite Sit & Go's all month long!

      Earn a medal for playing your favorite Sit & Go's

      With Sit & Go's starting as low as $1, you can start training now to earn medals and win some serious cash this summer!

      Requirement to advance: Play fifteen $1 (+any fee) Sit & Go's
      Wins aren't necessary to advance to the next round!

      Requirement to advance: Play ten $5.50 Sit & Go's
      Wins are also unnecessary here—simply play to advance to the next level!

      Championship Finals
      Final requirement to advance: Earn your medal by winning three $11 Sit & Go's
      Only Sit & Go's won at the Championship Finals level count towards your Sit & Go medal.

      Keep collecting medals for more guaranteed cash

      Your Sit & Go competition doesn't have to end after your first medal. Win an extra share of $10,000 with every medal you earn! Collect one medal for every three $11 Sit & Go's you win, and earn up to five medals before the competition ends on July 31.

      For example, if Everest Poker awards 50 medals in the Championship Finals, each of your of your medals will be worth $200!

      _______________________ = The $$$ you’ll win for each of your medals

      Total # of medals awarded

      Medal list rules & requirements

      Before advancing to the next level in the Summer Games, you must first see your Screen Name on the training and qualifying lists. Look for updated medal lists for each level every hour.

      You can find all updates and the terms & conditions for this promotion here!

      If you don't have a Everest Poker account yet, please create one now!
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