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Going up in the micros

    • akasoul
      Joined: 17.06.2007 Posts: 451

      Well I have a situation I need your opinion as poker players.

      First ive been playing poker for some time.

      I think I have made a total of 300-350 USD cash out, maybe a bit more and the higher I have been its 0,25/0,50 FLSH. The cashouts have been for the most stupid reasons but anyway.

      Last time I left my account with 3 usd and I have build it to 150 USD. But in a very long time like a year mainly cause I didn't have that much time and played poorly I think.

      Now I'm playing at 0,1/0,20 FLSH cause I lost confidence on my play because of a downswing or maybe a result of a bad play I dont know.

      So now I'm planning this:
      -Move the 150 USD bakroll to WPT (partypoker network) to get the 100% deposit bonus.
      -move up to 0,25/0,50 FLSH, cause I have played on this stake before and I have the bakroll.
      -I work now so I don't need to cashout.

      The problem is that I'm not sure if I should be playing at 0,25/0,5, but if wait to really bet the lower stakes (have a big sample on HM), it would burn my bankroll into rake.

      What do you think???
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    • YohanN7
      Joined: 15.06.2009 Posts: 4,711
      I think that you should go for it!

      There is some wisdom (and some challenge too) in maintaining a relatively small bankroll. But it isn't fun in the long run. Chose a level where importance of money won or lost equals the pleasure of having played well. I think it automatically makes you a better player.

      [Having that said, it should be noted that you will, according to Murphy's law, have an incredibly bad run if you move up too high. :D ]

      /Johan = :f_confused:
    • datsmahname
      Joined: 23.11.2009 Posts: 1,366
      There are some very responsible things a player can do before deciding to move up in stakes. I think we can break this down into two categories:

      1) Bank roll management.: make sure you have a full set of weapons:
      - 500BB for 6-max, 300 for FR.
      - If you have a positive winrate then having a big bankroll minimizes your risk of going broke by chance alone (which assumes you never move down in stakes). Moving down when its appropriate is another safeguard which generally allows us to recover from over-estimating our skill.

      2) Assess your level of skill.
      - If you are not confident there are two possible explanations.
      - either: You have not put in the work to improve and therefore are justifiably not confident.
      - OR: You have put in the work, but have not measured your skill accurately. Your lack of confidence is misplaced, but you need a better method for measuring your skill set.
      - Posting hands and including your thought process will help.
      - Ask players who beat your desired limit if your thinking about hands correctly.
      - Do session reviews with solid players.
      - Coaching is also a strong method for identifying big leaks. A mentor, even if they're slightly better than you, can massively improve your rate of learning.

      If you've done these things you'll know for sure if you're ready, and it won't be misplaced confidence.