Bonus necessary to beat micros?

    • TWhelan
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      In the past few months I built up my roll to $400 playing speed STTs on PartyPoker, with an ROI ~ 38% and ITM ~ 45, admittedly over a VERY small sample (<300 games).

      My bonus ran out a couple of weeks ago and since then I have been able to put in a lot more volume but have lost almost half my roll in that time. (I know this happens to every player).

      Anyway since I know I can play well and beat the players on Party at these stakes should I stay there or do you think having a bonus to clear is really important to compensate for the high rake and variance at the micros?

      If you think moving to a new site would be a good idea, can you suggest a good site for micro STTs for a UK player? Already have accounts on Stars, Party and Titan so those aren't an option.

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