Question on SHC

    • Swellfish
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      In the early phase chart it says to call a raise with AK but it also says that if you aren't the aggressor the minimum you hand you need on the flop to stack off is 2 pair+ is this the same for AK or if you hit your A or K should you be willing to stack off?
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    • kurrkabin
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      Hi, JoeRichy!

      In general- no, if you flop a top pair top kicker, you want to get it in with AK vs most opponents + you don't need to flop only 2 pair or better in order to put all your chips in the middle. Of course this depends on so many factors, but just as a thumb rule, in micro SnGs, if you flop A or K with AK, you are willing to go broke vs unknowns and fishes. Maybe some fishy regs as well.