Ufc 148

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    • yaxkukmian
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      Silva by sub in 4th round, correct time 3:32 :D

      It will be tough and I'm not so sure but I would like to see sonnen going down. It will be interesting fight, let's hope silva won't do something reckless and let his emotion dictate the fight.

      Tito vs. Forrest won't be so interesting. We may see a KO, but it will probably happen because of Tito's bad conditioning. Although Forrest isn't known for his hard chin so it may go either way. I say Forrest in 2nd round, time will be 2:48. :D

      I can't believe how ufc hypes his cards. This one is nothing special and they constantly use "best ever", bla bla bla. :(
    • vuciitis
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      this could go both ways...
      from the one side sonnen kicked silvas ass last time for real like noone have managed before
      from the other silva is smart guy and definatley have managed to build up a system how to counter sonnens moves which beat down silva last time...

      one is for sure this should be the fight of the year! :)
    • datsmahname
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      60/40 Anderson IMO. Anderson by stoppage in rounds 3 or less seems like the most likely outcome but I'd say its a 25% frequency and there are lots of other options. If it goes to decision I'd say Chael tends to be the favourite.

      Anderson's really the wild card. If Sonnen's talk has him frustrated then he might get too hyped up too early and gas out. If Anderson gasses then I think Sonnen has a small but significant edge.
    • DrKillByDeath187
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      Silva by knockout, he ain't taking anymore shit from him. Somebody is going to get destroyed tonight
    • sugalde
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      Agreed with talk about hype, OMG I love Joerogan but his and Dana's pitch after the prelims was so obvious :) Anyways I watched the whole card six hours pretty average fights all around maybe 2 good ones.

      Poor Tito, Forrest stole his mic pretty sick behavior really !!

      And *Spolier* if you haven't seen it.... My god Sonnen reallly!! So sad to see it end like that.....