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Just starting out - What is important?

    • bradleyjglover
      Joined: 09.06.2012 Posts: 1
      Hey everyone! My name's Brad, I'm an 18 year old student in the UK (going to uni in october) and I've just started playing NL hold'em microstakes online. (0.01/0.02 on 888poker)

      I've been playing poker on and off for a few years - with classmates, the odd live tournament every now and then - so I know the very basics. I picked up the $8 start-up capital on 888poker thinking "Aha! I don't have the money to start up my own bankroll, so perhaps I can build one up from scratch through microstakes NL hold'em using the SSS?"

      I've been online for about a week now, playing a few hours a day - I'm up to $10, but I tend to pretty much break even on most sessions I play. As a relatively inexperienced beginner, what are the most important things to remember as I'm starting out? Any tips from the pros or those who've been in my position for me to remember?

      Thanks so much! Can't wait to take part in more forum discussion - I'd like to get better at poker so I can ultimately help others get better too, so I'm trying to play as much as I can atm! =)
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    • gadget51
      Joined: 23.06.2008 Posts: 5,622
      Well hello there Brad and welcome to the community!

      Ok so I suggest you click the green link at the bottom of this post, it will take you to the NL Beginners Course where you will learn everything you need to start winning and moving up the ladder.

      As it happens there is a live lesson going on at this very moment and you would be very welcome to join in with the coach. It's totally free and you can ask the coach lots of questions and watch them play a live game at the same time, at your level. You can also come and go as you please, there is no obligation. Oh and did I say it was free!? :D
      Told you we have everything didn't I?

      Anyway, you have fun and if you have any more questions just ask ok?

      Very best regards,

    • dogma18
      Joined: 08.12.2009 Posts: 340
      Realize that for you're first 6 months or so online, you'll be a breakeven or losing player as you are learning.

      Bankroll management is key. 30 buy ins minimum for the stakes you are playing.

      Don't try to catch out opponents if you think they are bluffing. Just fold unless you have a strong hand.

      Download and read a few poker books.

      If you get a bad beat, try to not let if affect you, even though it will at first, it gets easier.

      Run goooooooooooooooood!!!
    • TonyRice
      Joined: 30.01.2010 Posts: 3,373
      Originally posted by dogma18
      Realize that for you're first 6 months or so online, you'll be a breakeven or losing player as you are learning.

      Not necessarily, many players have gone from NL2 to NL25 and higher in 6 months with some hard work and a bit of time invested its not impossible.

      Like Gadget said the beginners course is a great place to start and you will learn a lot there :)

      Glad you are looking forward to forum discussion, this will also i think really help you improve your game, speaking to like minded individuals who also really want to improve.

      Have a nice evening