Check callers

    • jaeden23
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      How do you handle check callers? It seems a large portion of the micro stakes players just check call all the time and I feel like I can never get any information from the way they play. I know not to even bother trying to bluff them but I need to learn how to catch them on a bluff as this is where a lot of my losses appear giving these players the pot all the time because I don't hit anything, even when I'm in position.

      Anyone have any advice or pointers that could help me out, thanks.
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    • DrDunne
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      hey jaeden23

      seems like you're talking about the famous calling station. playing against them can be a pain in the ass because they check call down to the river and hit the 4 outers or whatever. just bet big flop, turn and (if no draws or scare cards hit) river. they will call down with dominated hands. if they come to life, just check and fold unless you know otherwise - they most often have it. the times that they do bluff will be much rarer than the times that they dont bluff (and actually have you crushed) so just wait for big value hands and bet them big. don't even bother trying to bluff catch :D

      important to note that yes, they will sometimes bluff you but you are not trying to catch their bluff. you can't win every pot, so just wait for your monsters and stack them. rather fold than play a guessing game and most likely lose a stack.

    • booomm
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      "... And if you cant beat a man who always checks to you ... you can't beat anyone" doyle brunson

      you just play ABC bot like poker against those players, you make the best hand and go on betting every street, they like calling right ? so you go ahead and bet your good hands and check back marginal hands! as simple as that.
      most of calling stations are simply bad players, so you don't worry about them trying to outplay you or figure out that you are only betting your good hands against them...
      you try to play alot of hands in position against these players, but don't jump on every opportunity hoping to make the nuts and break them: BE PATIENT!

      good luck!
    • mrbeer9999
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      Bet with good hands, check-fold your bad hands, check-call draws if they give you odds. If they are really bad and passive then size your bets according to your hand strength.