Flush on flush?

    • 44forthewin
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      Sort of a general overview question, ive had alot of times where the hand has limped round to me in the bb with suited cards and ive checked only to flop a flush. I've bet 2/3 pot or pot and been reraised either 3 times my raise or all in. Is there any way I can fold this as ive called twice and been beaten by higher flushes, or is this an unavoidable stat?

      The first one I was holding J8 and the flop came A 10 3 all clubs, only to be beaten by KQ clubs, and the other i had 54 hearts and it came 2 9 Q, got beaten by A8 hearts.

      Any opinions would be great!

      Also, one more question, a hand limped round to me holding 10/8o and the flop came 9 J Q rainbow. I bet and he called, turn was a safe 4 so i bet pot and he called...river was a safe 7, i bet and he raised, i called only to find him holding K10...is there anything I could have done differently?

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    • chenny8888
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      nah, they're just coolers. more often than not though, your opponents are holding trash like top pair top kicker, or two pair, and pay you off :) .
    • cannell555
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      I'm sure you've been in these positions alot, but people tend to only remember the big post they loose.
    • ehkayforty7
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      yeah, since the chance of flopping a flush is something like less than 1%, i would say it's okay to go broke to a higher flush since the odds of 2 ppl flopping a flush is just ridiculous (actually just happened to me the other day ^_^;; - me with K high and villain with A high -_-, turn saved me though, was another card of same suit which let me put him on the lone A).

      although i've flopped a flush a bunch and gotten action -- usually it will be a A or K flush draw, or a set, at least in my experience (or maybe lower flush :D )