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HUD issues and more than one table

    • coconauta
      Joined: 26.07.2009 Posts: 38
      Hello :) :) :) :)
      I have a noobish question to ask, hope you don't mind.

      I've recently decided to try and beat the micro stakes sng and I'm still sorting things out. As for strategy I think I'm having a pretty solid thinking already, but concerning the HUD and the not-1-table-sngs I have some questions. I'll enumerate them.

      1) What stats should I put in my HUD to help me with SNG playing?

      This is just to make sure I got it right... I have VPIP, PFr, Steal, 3bet, cbet, fcbet

      2) Doesn't the late stage stats influence on the early stage stats?

      Most decent players play a very different game depending on the stage of the sng I'm currently in, so how can I get an accurate oppinion on a reg when I know the stats are all mixed up? How do SNG lucrative players interpret them?

      3) What changes on my strategy I must do in order to change from 9-man SNG to 18 or 27?

      I've done some reflection and it seems the winning strategy is the same, since ICM play comes very quickly, is there any major strategy adjusts when moving to these other kinds of tournaments?

      4) How higher is the ROI on 18/27 man? And how does that reflect on $/hr, since these SNGs last longer?

      And finally... 5) How many tables do usual regs handle when playing SNGs?

      SNGs seem much more mechanic to me than cash games, can I put a lot of volume or is it kind of impossible to be profitable with high amounts of SNG at the same time? Consider I'm a pretty calm and good at multitasking player.

      Feel free to answer all, some or none of them.

      Thanks a lot! I hope to repay the community when I get some experience :) :)
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    • kurrkabin
      Joined: 12.10.2010 Posts: 5,976
      Hi, coconauta!

      Don't worry to ask any question you are unsure about!

      1-I use VPIP/ PFR/ steal/ 3bet/ agg. f/ cbet/ fcbet/ number of hands.

      2- yes, it does, so I usually filter the stats depending on a few things- usually for number of players though 10-7, 5-6, 4(bubble), 2-3 and HU play. You can also filter them for number of BIs, but be aware that too much filtering might be deceptive as you need solid sample to make a good judgement based on stats.

      3-9-man is very similar to 18-man. Of course while you are not on the final table, you play cEV rather than $ev as you are far away from the money, ICM tax is bigger when close to and on the bubble + you aim for more first place finishes rather than just finishing ITM based on the more heavy top pay out structure. 27-man is kind of borderline, but I think I would rather play it very similar to MTT until I am close to the money.

      4-ROI is bigger on the multi table SnGs, but variance is also higher. I believe nowadays 18-27-man are somewhat softer than 9-man, so I would suggest you try these. Your $/hr depends on a few things, but your main goal is to make more $ per hour, so just try both imo and see what you like better/play better/make more money from.

      5-varies a lot. Depends on multi table skills, type of SnGs, reg's goals- grinding for SN or SNE, maybe rakeb pro, etc etc. You should find a good balance of what gets your game going, gives you the best hourly rate and satisfaction.