Microcash has gotten tougher on 770?

    • canniballsy
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      I have been playing micro cash on Poker770 with the help of HEM2, and believe me on the tables, after registering 500+ hands on each player, my HUD stats were unbelievable. 2-3 players were rock. 1-2 players were ABC, and I found 2 TAGs on avg at the tables. This was the .02/.04 tables. What the HELL??
      Everybody's grinding now at the tables? I had to 4bet a TAG to stop him stealing my blinds.(coz I knew he was stealing it). This could not be a sweet sight for all us grinders. The fishes are dissapearing from the 770 tables. I guess its time for me to leave 770 as well! And BELIEVE me I find atleast 3 players as ROCK! They play 5-10 VPIP(after HUD displays hand counts of 500+).
      Any reason why this is happening on 770 tables? And dont advice me to switch tables, there isnt many tables to begin with on 770.
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    • gadget51
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      Hi canniballsy,

      I don't play 770 and I can't imagine it's any tougher than any other site at those limits, but I will bow to your experience on this one.

      I can only say I play nl4 6 max and I find that at certain times of the day and indeed on certain days, the player pool can be vastly different.
      I can only suggest you try different times and days, until you find the right blend of both. I can quite understand that external pressures can interfere with that though.

      It's my best guess is all, I am no expert.

      Regards and run good,