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    • slussdaone
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      hi ya'll all .This area is to any newcomers who want to post bad beats they had recently. about 2 dats ago i lost by flopping quads. It was SICK i tell ya runner runner for a straight flush. That guy did have an open ended draw plus a flush a flushy draw on the turn though. Unbelievable!
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    • AlenJ
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      Do only beginners experience bad beats? Or is it that only beginners talk about bad beats? Pros talk about chance I suppose.

      I had around 3000 chips in a tournament recently, blinds 50/100.
      Sitting in MP I held AA. Raised to 400 after two early limpers. The small blind, having around 5000 in chips, reraised to 800. Everybody else folded.
      I rereraised to 1300. He called.

      The Flop came 8-9-T in spades.
      SB bet 400, I raised 800 (because one of my Ace was of spades), he reraised and put me All In. He showed a pair of Jacks with a spade, giving him an open ended straight flush draw. At that point I was ahead with my pair and also had a nut flush draw. The turn came Q of clubs giving him the straight. No spade at river. Adios amigo!!! :-)))