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    • kr2ssy
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      I finished quiz, but it shows the only avalible poker room to recieve my bonus is partypoker, wich is banned in my country for not paying taxis. Cant i recieve my bonus in other rooms like full tilt or pokerstars, like it showd on the advertisement i klicked on ? Also it shows here that i can only recieve 20 $ in partypoker and for the othed 30 $ i have to make a deposite for atleast 50 $, so this is a rip off site ? Sure seems that way and im already pissed for wasting my time on this quiz...
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    • jaeden23
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      There are quite a few poker rooms to choose from, but it depends whether they are available in your country. I choose my money to go to william hill with, contact support is your best option I guess. You can't choose any site though, only the sites that have a deal with poker strategy I think.
    • Maloco87
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      full tilt was shut down over a year ago so thats not an option
    • IngridN
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      Hi kr2ssy,

      Welcome to our community!

      Have you managed to register then? PartyPoker is available in your country too. :)

      We also sent you a ticket which you can read here.

      Let me know if you need help with this.