how do u install holdem manager

    • LoKKK
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      hi, i was just about to buy holdem manager from pokerstrategy, coz my elephant has gone.
      so first i thot id download the trial version to see if any good,
      now im just geting problems,wasnt even sure when downloading wether to tik install PostgreSQL, becouse i think i had it already on from my pokerstrategy HUD

      anyway now its downloaded it says all this unable to conect stuff and things about postgreSQL,
      is there any way i can download this without all the rocket science
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    • netsrak
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      If you already had elephant installed you have a running postgresql installation which you can use with Holdemmanager too.
      You need to use the same database connection as in elephant (i think its under Help -> info in elephant) and after successful connection create a new database for holdemmanager.

      If this is not working you need to uninstall the existing postgresql and reinstall it again with Holdemanager.
      You should find lots of threads about uninstalling postgresql in this forum.