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KillerFishes's studying place

    • KillerFishes
      Joined: 11.07.2010 Posts: 2,313
      Hello guys :)

      I've created this thread coz I want to have everything I work on together. I will put some videos of my liveplay/hhreview/hand analyzes and stuff here and I'd be glad for any comment! Doesn't matter if you're NL1k regular or NL2 loosing player any thoughts are appreciated. Just wanna move up as soon as possible and you all can help me ;) + I believe that watching my videos will be +EV for you either :)

      me NL10 - during the staking... now during holiday I'd put 100k monthly ...

      The second reason is that I need to improve my english coz it sucks so hard :O :D and I'm out of school for 3 months now and I have no other chances to use it than on the internet, so yee :)

      Obv not many people are checking all the hands in HE and writes comments so I just thought I will bring it to some higher level and make a video :) )

      Tbh, I didn't expect it will be so hard... but here it is :D

      (play in 480p then the stats are visible)
      Btw the HUD:
      Steal/FtS - 3b/ft3bet
      Cbet/FtCbet - WTSD/W$SD
      name - hands
      I guess you don't need anything more for these hands ... I comment it anyway so no problem :)

      I just wanted to try the programs for video editing, uploading etc...

      Warnings before watching:
      1) my english SUCKS (like seriously)
      2) sorry for using the f*** word so often (I'll work on that ^^)
      3) I didn't prepare anything for these hands (that's why I'm often like WTF) ^^
      4) It's just an experiment, so please, be so kind and let me know if the quality of the video/audio is ok ... Obv my speaking skills are pretty bad, but hopefully I will get better by time.
      5) I'd be definitely glad for any comments about the hands...

      I will try to make shorter videos (20min?) because I know that nobody would watch anything longer than it, esp. not from the very start... :)

      It would be really great if you could always write something like :

      Video 1 - nl25review
      hand 1 - you played it like a fish
      hand 2 - noob

      etc :) so it has some order ...

      Thx a lot!

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