Micro 6 max hypers

    • Scotty0848
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      I'm playing the hypers but from the look of my fishy graph, it seems I have more leaks then Severn Trent Water suppliers.

      I'm looking to find someone/people who play these, who feel they are at my level to go through strategies: or someone who plays the higher levels and can go through my game and give a little help.

      I'm willing to pay for a coach if there are any about and teach at a fair price.

      I've only played about a tenth of what I wanted to play the past couple of mouths because of trying to review my games in wiz after a session no visible difference.

      I know this isn't a 10k sample like everyone likes but I'm sure you can see what I mean about my game, or maybe I do just need to smash out a lot more volume.

      I'd greatly appreciate anyone who replies.

      Here's your promised graph

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    • kurrkabin
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      Hi, Scotty0848!

      Welcome to our SnG discussion forum. I, myself, don't play the hypers, but as you have mentioned- the graph is based on a very small sample, so don't go making big conclusions. One of the best ways to improve your game except for sweat sessions and HH reviews with your friends/poker buddies, is to post hands and watch videos from our site. A few are already available for you as a basic status, but there is so much more to be reviewed once you get a higher rank.

      I hope you find a good coach/ppl to review your game with as this will speed up the process of improvement.

      Should you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask.

    • fanegreu
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      Hi Scotty0848,

      I just want to ask, because I'm currently trying these out. What's the buy-in/rake for the games you're playing?

    • Scotty0848
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      Thanks kurrkabin, I'm new to the forum so still finding/exploring my way around before I ask any stupid questions lol

      fanegreu, I'm playing the $1.50s on stars so 10c rake I think? Got a 100 buy in BRM which is probably deemed aggressive but can reload if I do hit a super down swing.

      I've started a blog thread to track progress and stuff Shove or Fold? [6 Max Hyper Blog]