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      Hi. I started playing a few days ago with my $20 starting Capital at Party Poker. The reason I chose Party is due to the traffic..

      A couple of things I would like to say about it though:

      1) The rake is rather disapointing for players like us, newbies with potential I like to think we are. Rake on the 85c tables is 17.6%.. Quite high. I realise our opponants aren't the best.. But still the rake isn't newbie friendly.

      2) Turbo games only. Turbo games have the highest variance if I've read properly, and we aren't given the option of a normal or speed game.. I just think it's too easy to lose the $20 starting capital because of this.

      I think hitting a bad spell with 20 buy ins is pretty easy, and alot will just stop playing.. :/ Bit of a shame.

      I think the $1 limit is a great idea however, and thank you to Pokerstrategy for giving me the chance to build a bankroll :)
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      Hi asteele82,

      Welcome to the community! Good to see you active in the forum. I think this is something a lot of players neglect when they receive their starting capital and it's a big mistake in my opinion.

      We appreciate any member feedback and as this is more of a feedback post than an introduction I have moved your thread to the relevant board.

      If you do wish to tell us a little more about yourself and your poker history don't hesitate to post again in our Introduce yourself board ;)

      We look forward from hearing more from you!