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Keepyourchip's Streaming Blog

    • KeepYourChip
      Joined: 07.01.2011 Posts: 57
      I’ll continue in the same path as before, but a bit more organized than before.
      As for those who didn’t follow the first time around (Who didn’t follow the last time?!?!.. Most people didn’t.. Sad panda) I streamed everything I did around poker from 75$ and I’m now on 275$ and at some point I was on 330$ I think. I’m only playing SNG and currently playing the KO SNG.  

      First major change is instead of writing when I’m online, I’ll be doing like a weathercast report so you know my streaming schedule 7 days in advance. I’ll try to be more or less accurate but things can happen that prevents me from going live and other stuff. My goal is to be playing from 12 am – 12pm most days.

      The next big thing is before I would turn off the stream when taking a break, now I’ll either set the screen to a pause screen (WOW WILD DUDE) or let you watch me take my breaks doing one of my favorite things in the world, play video games, because it both makes me more calm and puts me in a better mood.

      Another thing is I’ll add goals, not only poker goals but goals for the stream, for twitter, maybe even facebook goals. (But not sure.. I don’t even like facebook..) I’ll not put my goals up yet; need to use a bit more time on them.

      I learn a lot from the last month streaming, and I know I’m on the right path now, so I’m very excited about the stream.

      I’ll start streaming from the 23th this month.

      Hope to see you on the stream, and feel free to ask questions.
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