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    • giananimohit
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      I'm creating this here since there is no separate DafaPoker forum.

      Anyway, this is more of a query + information for whoever is playing there.

      Two days ago I bought in on the Speed Hold'em table for $5. I won a bit and was up to $9 and then my internet went. I assumed that I would lose two, or maybe three big blinds when I'm in the "sit out" situation and then be automatically booted off the table, since that is what happens in the regular cash games. So my internet started today and to my surprise that table that I was sitting on was still open and I was sitting with just $0.04, which is less than one BB (which is 0.05). So yeah, I bled out about $9 or so. And I know $9 isn't much, but it's about 8% of my bankroll and I don't really want to make another deposit.

      So my query is, can anything be done about it? I spoke to the helper at Dafa, but they just said they'll get back to me and they weren't sure what will happen.

      Also, in case anyone is playing Dafa or any other iPoker network Speed Hold'em tables, just know that this might happen to you.

      PS : You really should make a separate forum for DafaPoker. Most of the other poker sites have their own.
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    • graz187
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      That doesnt make any sence. Once you time out one time they put you on sit out and you are no longer playing. You don't put and blinds in or get cards. Something is not right there. I play on the crappy I-poker network and always have problems with them disconnecting. The other day in a sit and go they kicked me off and blinded me down in 4th there were 4 of us left when the site went down. Of course support said yea we know and I quote we will issue a refund when we deem appropriate. assholes. any way I think your money is gone, we have to get off this bush league network
    • giananimohit
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      Okay so I'm just replying here to inform that I did in fact get my money back. All of it. So I'm really pleased.

      And yeah, it was a weird scenario with me not being automatically put in the "sit out" phase. Which is maybe why they returned my money. Maybe it's just a glitch in the speed hold'em mode since it's new.

      Either way, I guess this thread can be closed. Thanks!
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      We don't delete threads giananimohit. As mentioned in your other thread DafaPoker is not an affiliated room here in the English Community.

      You can find a DafaPoker section in the Indian Community :)