SideKick: Win up to $1,500 cash when you win with jacks

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      Got Jacks? Win some cash!

      For the next four weeks, PokerStrategists who take down a pot with pocket jacks will be entered in a raffle where we’re giving away 11 cash prizes.

      For every Catching Fish Kick you earn by winning a pot with pocket jacks, you will receive one ticket for our raffle.

      That means the more you play, the higher your chances are of striking it big and earning some extra cash! You can win one of the following prizes:

      • 10x $150
      • 1x $1,500

      Catching fishKick Title: Catching Fish

      Kick conditions:
      • The hand is played on a tracked poker account
      • You win
      • Hole cards are JJ
      • Both hole cards are used for your final hand
      • The hand must go to showdown

      How can I take part in this promotion?

      Download the SideKick

      • Earn as many Catching Fish Kicks by winning with pocket jacks on your tracked account between July 18 and August 15. No opt-in necessary.

      • The 10x $150 cash prize and the 1x $1,500 cash prize will be raffled shortly after the promotion ends and the winners will be announced in the forum.

      Note: The cash will be transferred directly to your Tell-a-Friend account. SideKick overview
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