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Clearing 50$ bonus on Titan Poker qustions

    • hUntEr10
      Joined: 31.05.2008 Posts: 5
      I got $50 from PokerStrategy I know I need to collect 2500 Titan Points and there is no time limit to collect them.

      For now I play NL 0.02/0.04 becouse I am new in poker, I read articles about poker and learning. I play for now only strong made hands and going slow not pushing all in. And I made few $ of profit but I have only 11 Titan Points.

      If I would play NL 0.10/0.20 i would get more points???? Or its better to play Sit'n'Go?

      Could someone please explain me all about rake (what is rake and how that works) and how rake gives me Titan Points. Becouse I am realy confused with that rake and titan points :(
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    • Chiller3k
      Joined: 16.06.2007 Posts: 4,326
      You can look up rake in our glossary:

      how much points you get for how much rake you can look up here: (Point Accumulation at Ring Games)
    • hUntEr10
      Joined: 31.05.2008 Posts: 5
      Thx for links.
    • Odieone
      Joined: 23.03.2008 Posts: 68
      Hunter... I actually play FL 0.02/0.04 but I might be able to help out point wise.

      They only give you points once the pot goes above $1.00. as far as I can figure its 1.00 for 0.2 points. SnG fees of $1.00 (not the buy in, the fee) gives you 17 points I think. I play the SnG in titan at 0.10 + 0.02. I get above .34 points automatically for playing.

      I figured if I was going to play uber micro. I use the SnG to practise my reads.

      If you play 0.10/0.20 limits. You can score more points cause the ave. pot is $1.50 but at .02/04. its hard to get there but thats because I play fixed limit.

      Good luck buddy..

      Oh.. how did you get to silver without scoring points :)

    • cannell555
      Joined: 06.03.2008 Posts: 2,410
      Dont move up in limits, stick to BRM. You do get points faster but you'll go busto. I used to play 10+ tables of .02/.04, and you get the neccesary points in no time, but I wouldn't suggest you play more tables than you can handle.

      IMO you should stick to the cash games, and worry about perfecting your game, not earning points. If you switch to SnG's (like i did at the beggining), you will be fixed on earning points not playing good poker.

      Also I think the bonus is released in $5 incriments for every $35 dollars of rake. Its released every Monday and Thursday I think.