Rakeback Everest

    • sokre
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      I ve been playing poker for some time now and am not quite familliar with rakeback on everest poker.

      If I understood correctly I get summit points for tournaments and cash games and that is in fact real money so I get some rake back - the higher tier I am in more Sp I get.

      So day before I was 50$ all in and guy also AK both so split - we lost 1.7$ in that hand.
      And guy said "I get 70% back"???? - how when highest tier allows you to get 50% rakeback (the summit - 900% bonus SP)
      Does he get rakeback from affiliate - another company other than Everest? How does it work? Is it possible on Everest?

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    • CallumN
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      Hi Sokre,

      First of all, how do you not make a flush to scoop!!!

      You are correct about the 50% being the highest rakeback you can get from Everest and this is in line with their T&C's etc.

      I would imagine the player was still on his first deposit bonus or something similar as I cant see how else how he would be getting more then the above mentioned 50% from the VIP system.