Bankroll Restrictions

    • metza
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      I'm sure I read on here that the restrictions were removed after making a deposit.

      Well I have, but they're still there :f_eek: . Should I just contact support? I just want to check on here to make sure there's not something else I've missed that I need to do.
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      Hey metza!

      This is correct - restrictions are removed as you can see from this page

      I have quoted and bolded the relevant part for you :)

      You'll receive the $50 in five steps at $10 each

      When deciding to receive your free $50 at Poker770, the $50 will be released into your account in five increments of $10 each.
      You'll receive the first $10 immediately. You then have to play at least ten $1 tournaments or play a few hundred poker hands within the next 7 days to release the next $10.
      The exact requirement is: every 7 days you can earn a new $10 payment. In order to qualify for a new $10 payment you have to earn at least $1.00 in rake or tournament fees. Rake is the house's cut which is taken from every pot played at a cash game table. Usually it's around 5% of the money in the middle.
      With an additional deposit of at least $100 you can bypass this hurdle and receive all your $50 at once.

      So yes, please contact Poker770 support if you have made a $100 deposit and they will remove the restrictions for you.

      Best of luck!