Hired bot?

    • Heitzenizer
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      I know where to report bots, but what do you do if you think there's a bot hired by the site?
      Could be a person as well so might not be a bot, although the player in question is always first to open new tables for the day on my limit. He usually sits for a round or two when a table finally get a few players, although usually less.
      He never answer in the chat and he can wait for hours for people to sit down.
      Which is why I'm suspicious, since it seems rather pointless to wait so long just to play a few hands.

      Is it legal to have players hired to create action?
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    • Ectoz
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      It's a person.

      It's totally legal.
    • pleno1
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      Hey Heitzenizer,

      I think what we can see here is a propping player.

      Basically a propping player is a guy who sits down at empty tables and then leaves when the tables are full. He is paid extra rakeback but has to leave when games are good.

      Basically propping players are great for us because they manage to get games started, fish will generally not sit at empty tables so they allow us to play more tables vs worse players and even though they are good players themselves they won't be playing against you or have any advantage and a worse player will generally sit in.

      I think propping for the player doesn't make sense because you don't play enough hands to see a huge return and actually playing normal volume with a normal deal is going to show a higher return in promotons/rakeback alone, nevermind winnings directly from the table.

      In summary, propping players are good for the network as it helps them produce more rake, its good for fish as they don't have to play HU vs the good sharks :s_love: and its good for us as it gives us a wider selection of games to play in and usually gives us an opportunity to play against weaker players.

      Really good observations noticing this though.

      Good luck at the tables and hope that you crush the rest of July

    • Heitzenizer
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      Thanks Patrick for your detailed and well thought through response. He's kind of good for being a bot, so that makes sense. Guess I should thank him next time then. :f_biggrin:
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      Yes, thank you Patrick for that!