HU Hyper ROI

    • klimbo
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      Not sure if there has been discussion on this topic before but can someone tell me what a reasonable long-term ROI a good player can expect at the $15-30 HU hyper turbo Sit&Gos on Stars (10,000+ sample).

      I have about 1500 games played at the $15 games with 1.9% ROI and 2000 games played at the $30 games with 3.0% ROI. Still learning and improving.

      Is an ROI of 5%+ achievable in these games long-term? Trying to plan my long-term grind and adjust with how much volume I need to put in to earn a decent income. Any feedback is appreciated.

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    • Wriggers
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      If you're very good I think 5% is achievable up to midstakes. Pavels is a good example of this. I myself am not too sure though, I always thought in HU Hypers a good ROI was 2-3%

      Also interested.
    • daun666
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      Its depending on how many tables you play.
      1 tabling Id say 3.x % will be good, 4.x% is very good, 5.x%+ will be excellent.
      2 tabling reduce numbers by 1%

      At 15s those numbers are a bit higher as rake % is smaller than at 30s and players softer but not much higer.