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    • 11ben11
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      Hello everyone, i am a newbie to poker and have been referred here by 2 friends who used to come on here to play poker, i have just passed the quiz and looking forward to learning with the free $50, thanks in advance pokerstrategy
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    • DrDunne
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      hello 11ben11 and welcome to pokerstrategy!

      have you decided what you will be playing - tournament poker or cash games? there are lots of resources for each and if you are interested in cash game poker then i recommend the no limit beginner's course (link in my signature). this is really helpful and you will learn lots :)

      looking forward to seeing you around and good luck!

    • WeeSteekyAja
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      I've just passed the test too! I'm new here, but not new to poker. Played for years, but have recently had a lot of losses through bad playing, and was looking for info to improve y skills, and maybe get rid of some bad habits. Discovered this site by accident. I feel I've learnt a few things already, and looking forward to learning more...

      Oh... And the free money is a nice bonus! :D
    • FlashDavin
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      Welcome! Feel free to ask anything about poker around here. I'll do my best to help as one poker newbie to another! =)
    • 11ben11
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      thanks everyone! just recieved my first $20 for partypoker so thanks again pokerstrategy, i am wanting to play on the tournament games and after reading the articles about bankroll management i dont think i will enough to do the tournaments unless i deposit, so i will just play safe for now and try to slowly increase my bankroll on the $1 tournaments, unless you guys have a better idea?
    • bormana1717
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      hi all
    • ArkhamAsylum
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      1 dollar tournaments on 20 dollars. I hope that works out for you. You are still bronze I see, can you describe how it is going ??