Hey guys :)

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      Well, I've already started a blog (see my signature), but I think it's only fair I introduce myself officially as well :)

      Name's David, I'm from the Netherlands and I live in a relatively small town with m wife and two children (4 and 11). Been playing poker since my early 20's, but never really got anywhere yet. I've played a lot of different poker games, but never gave any of them a real chance, until I decided to play BSS full ring and a fellow strategist offered to back me. I think I've played about 200k hands (not really sure, I've been messing with tracking software in the mean time), but got fed up with full ring cash games a short while ago.

      So then I decided to go and play HU SnG's and fortunately one of the Dutch coaches offered me a backdeal including some free coaching. He plays mostly HU cashgames himself, but he understand enough of the game to help me forward a lot, at least with the basics.

      Anyway, I've been a moderator and translator in the Dutch community since March 2011, which I still enjoy a lot. (Don't worry btw mods, now that I'm active in the English community as well I won't go and steal your work here :P )

      So, long story short: hi and see you around :)
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