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Micromillions is a donkfest(not always a good thing)

    • burak220
      Joined: 12.08.2008 Posts: 106
      Normally having donks at tournaments is helpful because you can isolate them and get them out eventually but in the micromillions it feels like in these micros you're trying to dodge grenades being thrown at you from 10 metres away constantly. I'm just wondering if anyone else feels that way, I know they are micro tournaments but you can at least try to play like a lag rather than a total donk. Here's an example that just happened in the 5.50 where I felt I could make a pretty deep run, I was running really good since the beginning of the tourney and than this happened.

      I put it on boom cause it was easier for me just clicking it on PS and it's a cool idea.

      He said "misclicked" after he won lol.

      Note: I'm running in the top 100 in the Triple Draw. Hoping this one goes good. :s_thumbsup:
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    • metza
      Joined: 28.01.2012 Posts: 2,220
      How is someone calling you with a dominated hand not a good thing?

      You're just being results orientated, it IS always a good thing that your AK gets called by K2 because normally that's an easy way to chip up. :f_biggrin: .

      There's just always gonna be that luck factor especially in tournaments. Say you get it all in with a 70% favourite 3 times in a row, it is actually against you to win all 3 (only 34% to win all 3) so you do need that luck for your shoves.

      And besides, you are shortstacked with a pretty dire m value of 5 and you are SB with it folded round, so you could be making this shove with a very wide range, its not even that terrible a call with K2.

      But to answer your question, yes I used to feel that way, then I realized this is where a lot of my profit comes from, so am thankful every time my AA gets called with 72o even if it cracks the rockets. If people didn't call with crap, it would be a lot harder to win. :f_p:
    • booger6o4
      Joined: 08.09.2009 Posts: 202
      Its fun playing donkaments, you learn a lot about your game and can improve lots.

      I was testing a theory and it worked. (can't say :s_biggrin: )

      Well in my last deep run in the $11 tourney I was NEVER all in and NEVER at risk until 20 remained.
      Yes I got lucky a couple times but my overall play was excellent.
      I was only dealt aces kings or queens like 2 times each and I was overall chip leader near the end.
      Lost because Kings got cracked.

      Well long story short, there are aggressive never folding calling everything fish
      and the majority of fish are tight nits that fold everything but the nuts.
      You have to learn how to read both and exploit both