[NL20-NL50] Nl50 FR AA in 3way :)

    • BadeaCelRau
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      $0.25/$0.50 No Limit Holdem
      9 Players
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      UTG ($50.42) 101bb
      UTG+1 ($59.28) 119bb
      MP1 ($144.13) 288bb
      MP2 ($45) 90bb
      Hero (MP3) ($111.90) 224bb
      CO ($30) 60bb
      BTN ($22.65) 45bb
      SB ($66.94) 134bb
      BB ($71.29) 143bb

      Pre-Flop: ($1.25, 9 players) Hero is MP3 A:spade: A:heart:
      [CO posts $0.50]
      3 folds, MP2 calls $0.50, Hero raises to $3.25, CO calls $2.75, 3 folds, MP2 calls $2.75

      Flop: 3:spade: 7:diamond: 7:spade: ($10.50, 3 players)
      MP2 checks, Hero bets $6.37, CO calls $6.37, MP2 calls $6.37

      Turn: 6:spade: ($29.61, 3 players)
      MP2 checks, Hero checks, CO checks

      River: 3:club: ($29.61, 3 players)
      MP2 bets $26, Hero calls $26, CO goes all-in $20.38

      Final Pot: $101.99
      MP2 shows
      6:diamond: 7:club:
      Hero shows
      A:spade: A:heart:
      CO shows
      K:heart: 3:diamond:

      MP2 wins $97.99 (net +$62.37)

      Hero lost $35.62
      CO lost $30
      In order of position Fish1, Fish2(ME) and Fish3

      Stats Fish1 in 575 hands

      Stats Fish3 in 530 hands

      :facepalm: I seriously don't know what to do about hands like these. Maybe posting and exposing them could be a start

      I was playing a HU table and forgot how the action went, thought it's a 3bet pot. When 2 fish call you on the flop and the flush card arrives on the turn at least one has the flush -> Badea Theorem. On the river it's pretty interesting because I thought he can't have the 7 or 3, because it's 3bet pot and his OR is pretty small, he can't have the A because he would check and he can't have the flush because he wouldn't bet it, so I wanted to be a HERO. I didn't worry too much about Fish3 because that is a huge whale.

      Of course my logic is superflawed. Fish3 can have a flush and call it, can have a 3, can have a 7. Fish can still have a 7 even if it's 3bet pot because Fish 3 cold called. :f_cry: :f_cry: :f_cry: :f_cry: :f_cry: :f_cry:
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    • veriz
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      Hello BadeaCelRau,

      Easy fold on the river, you don't beat much vs such a play. ;) Even FD got there, can't see what you have beat. Even if he is a fish. :D You haven't spent much money into the pot, so ain't worth.

      Best Regards.