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Recorded coachings

    • Stu24023
      Joined: 31.05.2012 Posts: 407
      This may have been asked and answered in the past but i am hoping someone can answer this for me!!

      I like many others work at times that make seeing some of the coachings not a viable option.

      Would it be possible to have the coachings recorded and a section created so people can watch them when they are able.

      As i am new i am trying to watch and get involved with as many coachings as i can but i am also missing several and being able to watch them at a later date and or subscribe to your favorites would be something that i would find very helpful going forward.
  • 2 replies
      Joined: 27.09.2009 Posts: 22,026
      Hey Stu,

      We welcome any feedback so I will see if our education team will pop by with a reply for you :)

      Best regards,
    • SvenBe
      Joined: 19.04.2006 Posts: 13,485
      Hi Stu24023,

      thank you for bringing up this request.
      In the past we have mostly said that coaching sessions take place every now and then, so if you miss one you could easily visit the next one.
      However we understand that this is only partially true (if you have to work on Wednesday night, the chance is high you will have to work the next Wednesday again) plus some users might enjoy the fact that you can take a short break or recap in a recording.
      For this purpose we are currently setting up a structure were we occasionally record our coaching sessions, of course especially those with special topics & high demand amongst users.
      Why only occasionally? We believe that the best value still lies in actually visiting the coaching, bringing podcasts to highlight them in our video section. However our stand alone videos are still the main focus in the video section and we'd try to not look like spaming the video section.
      Which one is the coaching that you are most interested in?
      btw, if you are looking for the beginner course podcasts - they are already in the video section!