Need ressources for the MATHS of poker.

    • catakliss
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      Any book or website of PDF with all of the MATHS of poker with exemples and stuff?

      I have been doing pretty good without much maths ( except some basic pot odds ) but I wanna get better.

      Thank you
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    • jonnyjm
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      A book called "The Mathmatics of poker" by Billy Chen, but i wouldn't buy it unless your good at algebra etc. Great book if you understand it's contents, if not it's obvs a waste of money.
    • Deomedes
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      Poker Math That Matters by Owen Gaines, pretty helpfull for first read. Owen Gaines did a vey good job introducing only the really helpfull concepts with the more practical ways.
      Colin Moshman's Holdem Math is a more difficult read, but a very good one also. For later i would suggest it, if you are a beginner with some concepts.