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Poker coaching in a terrible session

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      Hi zobupasts,

      I cannot think of any videos offhand. Maybe some members will though ;)

      Why is it your looking for this particular type of video if you don't mind my asking?

    • Millsyuk
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      Off the top of my head there are some earlyish TwiceT videos where he loses a decent amount. I think they might be the full ring ones? You should be able to tell by the user comments, sorry I can't help further.
    • VorpalF2F
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      Super Moderator
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      Originally posted by zobupasts
      I wonder if there is a poker coaching video where coach runs really bad. Preferably cash game live play or session review video. Any suggestion?

      Thanks in advance!
      I'm not sure such a video is possible.
      Whenever a coaching session is scheduled Murphy's law says that the coach will run like god. :D

      At least this is true of every coaching session I ever attended. :D

      Seriously, though, as you watch the videos, you frequently see coaches and players losing hands, getting coolered and even getting it in when behind.

      What is instructive about these situations is how they react.
      Their voice is calm, and steady and they just carry on.

      Of course, they MIGHT throw their monitor out the window, but that wouldn't show up on the video anyway.

      Good Luck!
    • zobupasts
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      I have watched a lot of coaching videos and it seems that every time coaches run ok-ish/good/hot.

      There is no good reason to upload a video where hero is card dead as we would not learn much except for the fact that this does happen to everyone. But surely someone has recorded a session where he gets coolered, outdrawn left and right, gets into setup situations and nothing goes as wished for. I wonder why I haven't bumped into one of these?

      Originally posted by HollyMichelle
      Why is it your looking for this particular type of video if you don't mind my asking?
      I wanna see someone solid getting destroyed. MUAHAHA!
    • RasTweet
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      Originally posted by zobupasts

      I wanna see someone solid getting destroyed. MUAHAHA!
      He embraced the dark side! :s_evil:

      I don't know about such video's though :( I have joined live coachings though where the coach was running terribad.

    • StrategyLofthouse
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      I can understand why you want to see a coaching session when the coach runs bad because his reaction to the situation is usually not to tilt. He accepts the bad beat as just part of the game, variance.
      This is important to the student.
    • ZeroDegrees
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      There is a 2 part video on this subject in FL by Boomer2k10, one link is Haven't watched them yet, kinda hoping for constant suckouts and learn how he handles those;) . The title of the series is 'coping with running badly', so there's something for NL, omaha players too.

      GOOD luck;)
    • Benm473
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      hello I don't know how to find it again but there is a coaching video of leatherass running like complete crap and losing $$$.

      In this video absolutely nothing works and he even says well you know I don't mind its important for people to see that the coaches have bad days too. Watching it tilted me but he was fine with it lol. It gets to the point where there are people who probably come nowhere near to earning a living at poker calling Leatherass a donk etc.

      Its on youtube somewhere.
    • TonyRice
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      I guess as well that coaches will run horribly bad sometimes but because they have a lot better mindsets they can control it somewhat, obviously i don't mean they can use jedi mind tricks to force the RNG to deal the right card :D but when they take a couple of beats, because they are pros with good mindset it takes a lot more for them to tilt so they have a clear mind on the next hand.

      A lot of us (mainly me ;) ) will carry a bad beat into the next hand and play tilty and spewy giving the illusion sometimes that i am running really bad when in reality i'm just playing bad.