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Zoom Tells

    • metza
      Joined: 28.01.2012 Posts: 2,220
      Even though some people argue that Zoom is a game of no opponent information, I disagree, and think there is actually a decent amount that a lot of players overlook, so I created this thread to discuss and share ways of getting extra information and thus extra edge at Zoom:

      Here are some I use

      1) Average Pot and Players/Flop
      You can generally tell from this exactly how nitty people are being preflop, and get a good idea as to whether people are calling cbets but not 2nd barrels. An average pot size of around 12bb suggests it often is not making it past the flop, so you should be cbetting more. A Players/Flop of less than 12% for FR indicates very nitty and prefer to 3bet less for value and more as a bluff, and be even more wary of 4bets than usual.

      2) The number of tables villain is playing, this is very important. (you can see this in lobby)
      If someone is playing 4 tables, they are a lot more likely to fold to a cbet than someone who is only playing 1 table. They are often going to have a tighter preflop range and very unlikely to call unless they are strong. They may make cbets routinely, but often these 4tablers will never 2barrel unless they are strong

      3) Size of blindsteal
      Generally 2-3bb indicates a steal with an average hand, while more than 3bb is generally a legitimate raise. This is of course specific person to person but overall it holds true. A 2 or 3bb raiser will often cbet if called, but give up on turn with nothing, making it very profitable to float these kind of opponents.

      4) Take notes
      I doubt many people take notes in Zoom, but its just such a good idea, as people think they are doing stuff anonymously, and knowing stuff like 4/5betting ranges (stick around after folding and you can see them for free sometimes) can allow for an easy double up with a JJ or QQ that you usually would have folded

      Hopefully others can add to this :f_biggrin:
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    • boges1
      Joined: 03.11.2008 Posts: 13
      Do you also think that people might also use the time bank to slow play?

      and if so, do you think that people even notice, given that over 20% of players are on 4 zoom tables at once..
    • Benm473
      Joined: 17.08.2011 Posts: 85
      like that post a lot also yes timing tells are a big one I caught myself slow 3 or 4 bet light but insta do it with the high range.
    • zabba73
      Joined: 11.02.2012 Posts: 210
      4) Take notes

      very important, some simple notes that you can make to won a little more money:


      fold BB vs SB bet - esy way to collect a free bb if you mark players than make fast fold from the BB

      fold SB limp when BB bet - explore villans that try to see the flop by completing the SB

      3bet from the BB against bet from CO,BU or SB - some players defend their BB to the end of the world, explore them whem you have premium hands

      bet on CO or BU and fold to a 3bet from the blinds - make them honest

      limp call - when you have AA KK QQ AK make your bet heavier, he will call

      limp fold - put the villan out of the game

      limp UTG+1 means AA or KK- many shortstack villans make this play, just lim togheter and if you hit at least 2 pairs take their stack
    • thazar
      Joined: 14.09.2009 Posts: 6,561
      Good post,

      I don't look at all at players per flop or average $ in pot as i prefer to judge individual players rather than the pool. Zoom is also very different depending what limit you are playing. You can play upto NL10 and NL25 with standard lines and get away with them. From NL50 it is more difficult as players tend to try to exploit and be more aggressive. So you need to be playing much more against individuals imo.

      But all in all i do very much agree that there is plenty of info in zoom and also much more dynamics than people tend to think.