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Pokerstars - Nadal V Isilidur1

    • Spungeh
      Joined: 29.06.2011 Posts: 1,212
      So, a lil back story.. In a chat, we said isildur1 v Nadal would be funny :) So i sent a pretty standard email to stars support.

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      Sent: 2012/07/24 08:43:01
      Subject: Rafa v Isildur1 Best of 3 :)

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      Game 1 - Rafa v Isildur1 = in a HU NLHE game.
      Game 2 - Rafa v Isildur1 = in a Tennis game.
      Game 3 - Rafa v Isildur1 = in a pie eating contest.

      Losing has a forfeit of the winners choice.

      and get an awesome reply :)

      Stars support reply

      Hello Damian,

      Thank you for your 'showdown' suggestion :)

      Right now we do not have any battles between these two planned,
      but who knows what we can do with this idea!

      Wouldn't this setup be slightly in favour of Nadal though? I
      mean, I would eat my own hat if Isildur beats Nadal in a game of
      tennis, whereas Nadal might still be able to surprise us with
      some poker skills (or just put a massive bad beat on Isildur).
      Plus the pie eating contest I feel is unfair towards Isildur as
      well. We all know that playing online poker does not require a
      lot of calorie intake, as opposed to a professional tennis
      player. My fear is that Rafa will be chewing away on his third
      pie when Isildur is still on his first.

      Perhaps for the second round they can play a game of heads-up
      darts, followed by a third round of a cocktail mixing+drinking
      battle (seeing as how they both know how to mix it up)? I feel
      the contest would be slightly more balanced like this. What do
      you think?

      If you have any other ideas or suggestions,or any questions at
      all, please feel free to let us know.

      Thank you for playing on PokerStars!

      Kind regards,

      PokerStars Support Team
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