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Why sports betting?

    • SoyCD
      Joined: 20.02.2008 Posts: 6,356
      Many of you will ask yourself:

      What does sportsbetting have to do with PokerStrategy?

      or even
      Why does PokerStrategy advertise gambling, with which you obviously cannot win?

      These are all legitimate questions - for which there are several answers:

      1. Your interest

      Especially, but not only in the German community, there has been a high level of demand for a discussion forum, or even strategy articles to the topic of sports betting. Over and over again we have seen threads on the topic or received explicit requests.

      2. Sports betting as a strategy game

      Just as the stock market or poker, sports betting can be seen as a type of strategy game with limited information. It is 'beatable' and next to numerous strategies there are also many professionals in the field of sports betting. So even among those of you who simply want to bet on a few games just for fun , there will be those that would like to know "how to do it right", and we want to provide you the basis for this.

      3. The Euro 2008
      During the European Championship we want to offer you a variety of offers, so that PokerStrategy remains an interesting daily visit. Our KickPick game is one of these goodies - and it fits perfectly to the topic of sports betting.

      So how do this work? Here are three possible approaches which bettors will use:
      A. "I know more than the bookmaker"
      B. "I exploit the different quotes given by bookmakers!"
      C. "I don't bet against bookmakers, but against other players."

      A. This is the approach used by most 'casual' bettors. You will most likely also know the large assortment of "professionals" that play in the local pub leagues and think that they would have made excellent national trainers, and know all the match results beforehand. These are the fish which finance the markting machine behind the bookmakers and ensure good quotes. They are also the people you will make your winnings from.

      B. In the starting times of the internet this worked very well and you could often end up with so called safe bets, in which there was no way to lose. Even today this is still partly possible, but a lot more difficult and complex. In addition it requires very good knowledge of the topic which is being bet about.

      C. This is what especially Betfair offers you: betting against other players. There you simply need to be better than the average player while being able to beat the rake - just as in Poker. To actually be better than a professional bookmaker is not necessary. This is certainly part of the reason why Betfair has grown to be one of the biggest sports betting providers!

      We wish you a lot of fun during the Euro 2008 and also look forward to hopefully positive as well as critical feedback to this new offer from PokerStrategy!
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