Anyone else here starting there 1st year at this university in September? Also anyone who didn't get a place in halls and needs to look for a private student house/flat?

I got a letter today saying i don't have a place in halls (they only offer places for 66% of first years), so i need to find house mates etc and plan on attending some housing events in the next week or two.

If anyone here is in a similar situation maybe we can sort out a place to live together?

A little about me for those interested:

I'm 23 years old and my name is Jonny. My interests include: Poker (obvs), most sports, Chess, Gaming (Xbox/PS3/PC). I love trying new things so even if you have interests i havn't mentioned i'm sure i'll be interested in them. I'm quite a chilled out easy going person, i putt funny spins on scenarios that would never happen but would be funny if they did :) IF your interested and want to know more just ask :)