Out an odds

    • Sullyvan
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      I use the scheme Out an odd in the bronze lesson.

      But when I use the River column I doubt. If I bet in the turn is the odd good in the scheme?


      I have 9 out (turn odd is 4:1) if I bet something is the River odd's 2:1? or change?
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    • TribunCaesar
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      Hi Sullyvan

      On the turn you need better odds to call since you have just one community card left that could help you. For example you need 4:1 ( paying 25 in a $100 pot) when there is just 1 community card left, so you should not pay more. IF you only get 3:1 for a call you should fold. But you need only 2:1( paying 50 in a $100 post) when there are 2 cards left that culd help you completing your draw, so you can pay more. Which means: The more cards are left to come the more you can afford to pay for the next card that might complete your draw.
      I hope this helps you.

      Best regards,