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Any thoughts on Real Deal poker welcomed

    • Valsomething
      Joined: 12.08.2010 Posts: 20
      I have recently been introduced to the site Real Deal Poker - where supposedly each and every hand is dealt using actual cards rather than random number generators.

      The idea obviously has a lot of appeal to me and the fact that the player on the dealer button gets to cut the cards increases the "randomness" sound great - in principal.

      When I went to the site, the site is currently closed with the explanation that the business is being restructured and they will be back bigger and better but does not specifiy when.

      So my question is 2 folds;

      1. Has anyone played on this site when it was operational and if so, how did you find the experience?

      2. Does anyone know when the site is likely to be operational again?

      Thanks for any feedback.
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    • pleno1
      Joined: 19.11.2010 Posts: 5,596
      Hey Valsomething,

      I don't know anything about this site. Something I would suggest is making sure you 100% trust the site before playing, there has been so many examples over the last 12 months of sites either going bust or failing to pay players and you shold always massively consider this when choosing which room you play on.

      I would suggest playing at one of our partner rooms as they are mainly larger sports-books or established rooms that you can trust a lot more than smaller up and coming sites who may struggle in the future financially.

    • IngridN
      Joined: 02.03.2011 Posts: 12,162
      You can just ask Callum in this thread and he'll be happy to help you find a suitable poker room.
    • LONGPLAY66
      Joined: 17.05.2009 Posts: 228
      i played on there for several months,player numbers started to dwindle having never been overly good at the peak,the site then shut down claiming they would be back but i'm estimating it's been between 1-2 years since they went,in the beta(non real money play) period the hands were far and away the most genuine feeling i've ever played....they then went to real cash play and all the mega action hands suddenly started appearing....i still had money on there at the time they announced they were closing and i was paid that money without hesitation.

      bottom line..i would definitely play there again but from what i've read on occasions during the last year it appears the owner sold the software(?) and the site is not returning(?)
    • BruBoru
      Joined: 28.07.2012 Posts: 1
      Hi Valsomething,

      Played on the site and personally know some folk who worked there for a while. The site was all that it claimed to be. Real cards being dealt with no random number gen being used. The Cut function was fun but you could also bypass it as well. Indeed a clever idea. I heard that when the site closed, all players were refunded there monies. Not sure if and when the site will reopen but they are working on getting it up and running again.