[NL20-NL50] Flush draw and top per on the turn

    • SherlockHolmes2ez
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      Is this kind of play okay?
      Starting game 7669412486.

      schlaubi5 is at seat 0 with $0.26.
      aesweh is at seat 1 with $2.09.
      HiddenStar is at seat 4 with $5.13.
      casinobasel is at seat 5 with $1.33.

      The dealer is seat 5.

      schlaubi5 posts a blind of $0.01.
      aesweh posts a blind of $0.02.

      (HiddenStar is dealt 10 :heart: 9 :heart: .)

      HiddenStar raises $0.02.
      casinobasel folds.
      schlaubi5 calls for $0.03.
      aesweh raises $0.08.
      HiddenStar calls for $0.08.
      schlaubi5 calls for $0.08.

      The flop comes
      6 :heart: 5 :heart: 2 :diamond: .

      schlaubi5 checks.
      aesweh bets $0.28.
      HiddenStar calls for $0.28.
      schlaubi5 folds.

      The turn comes 10 :club: .

      aesweh checks.
      HiddenStar bets $0.59.
      aesweh goes all-in for $1.69.
      HiddenStar calls for $1.10.
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    • veriz
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      Hello SherlockHolmes2ez,

      Preflop: What's your raise size here? Can't be 2 cents. Or did you limp? Limping is very bad here.

      As played
      Postflop: Not a huge fan of Bet/Calling it off here cause you are most likely going to be against a stronger hand. The equity isn't going to be very good vs strong made hands, nor I doubt that he does it with draw that often.

      Best Regards.