Continuation Betting with SSS?

    • midgetjay
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      Should someone using SSS fire contiuation bets regularly? I noticed that sometimes on dry flops (after I've fired a 2/3 sized cont. bet), I'm only left with about 5-6 big blinds. Is that normal? I know that my opponent has roughly a 30% chance of hitting the flop, so I guess it's somewhat profitable.

      I guess it's just the part about being left with such little money after c-betting that scares me -- especially if my opponent has check-raised me.
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    • Gerv
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      If u bet 50% or more of your chips, you should go all-in immediately.

      in SSS, in my opinion, a Cont.-bet is equal to the all-in push on the flop but the only difference is that you give your opponent the opportunity to see a cheap turn card with your continuation bet.

      I hope someone could back me up with this