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TAGging Trout & LAGging Limpets- 'These are not NY resolutions'

    • MasochisticDesire
      Joined: 25.10.2010 Posts: 487
      Back in the Game: return to poker late 2013

      I see a lot of people opening fresh blogs and confessing to having already attempted several beforehand. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, but, as another micro NL blog is likely to attract little enough attention and I am predominantly posting for posterity, I will start where I left off and keep all my failures in one spot :f_biggrin:

      Update towards the bottom of page 1 – block of blue text.

      Hi all.

      ‘To Blog or not to Blog, that is the question’… being rather opinionated and self-serving I have decided … to BLOG!

      Bigger dilemma … a Blog needs a title.

      ‘Having a Rummage and Flopping the Nuts?’
      ‘Another pointless yet needlessly long winded account of a micro-fishes inevitable failure to beat online poker?’
      ‘A pessimist’s quest for a sense of humour?’

      All viable options but I have eventually settled for;
      TAGging Trout & LAGging Limpets … for reasons unclear.

      Personal Trivia

      Age: 25
      Gender: MALE
      City of Residence: Oxford (England)
      Childhood Ambition: to be the Silver Surfer
      Adult Ambition: to be the Silver Surfer :f_cool:

      :heart: The Beautiful Game :heart:

      What attracts me most to poker is that it builds many universally applicable (if not universally recognised) skills; Self-improvement, independent research skills, time and resource management, EI etc etc etc.

      Throw into the mix… financial independence, the chance to escape the real ‘grind’ of a dull career whiling away the years before retirement, and the possibility to earn while you travel and you’re getting close to my idea of FREEDOM.

      :spade: What Has Gone Before :spade:

      I “learnt” the game playing live (SNG’s to MTT’s to CASH) but I have massive gaps in my knowledge as I learnt through play and reflection without any structure to my progression or research. I have technically been playing poker for about three years but IMO the most thorough education can only be acquired playing online and it’s time to up my game. I have probably only logged 100K hands online and used it as a platform to dabble in other games or play when I couldn’t find a live game but now I intend to make it a serious commitment of time and money.

      :club: Current Pos :club:

      Having ‘manned up’ long enough to drag my arse through Drama School kicking and screaming (often literally) I moved back to Oxford (UK) and found a job I can see myself sticking for the next 18months, a new home with some good people, and generally some momentum after the stagnancy that follows hot on the heels of graduation.

      Recently had a crazy live spree turning a £50 PLO MTT buy-in (lucked my way to a 3way split despite not really having a clue what I was doing) into around £1500 over 4 weekends (mainly playing 1/2 live) before the inevitable crash and burn of playing games far too big for your roll.

      :diamond: ON and UP :diamond:

      The aim is to stick the day job while saving for a live BR and spend all my free time developing my game online. Long term goals … I’m sure anyone reading has enough to go on. :D

      I really appreciate the resources made available at and I’ll be indebted to anyone that helps me along this journey, thanks in advance.

      If you have made it this far, my thanks – you have earned yourself a quote or two.

      ‘With no conflict, either internal or external, there can be no growth.’ – Sun Tzu ‘The Art of War’

      ‘Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference.’ – Robert Frost ‘The Road Not Taken’
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    • MasochisticDesire
      Joined: 25.10.2010 Posts: 487
      Those of you that braved ‘the wall’, my thanks, hopefully it was mildly entertaining. Those of you who didn’t, fair play. Moving on…

      The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men…

      Of the £800 BR I had after my donk fest, I have invested e£250 on a second monitor (24” LED, HDMI slick looking beauty) and an appropriate graphics card.

      When considering game and format I never even looked beyond NL 6max BSS. I think it encourages an aggressive style I love and requires thorough study of post-flop play in order to be successful (for which I will need your help ) nufff said.

      My first big decision was where, and how much to invest? I am aware that the standard of play online is likely to be far superior to that of the live games I have been playing. Eventually I have settled on dropping down to NL20 and depositing £452($700) on WilliamHill. I am hoping that 35BI BRM and a 200% FDB @30%RB is enough to cover any initial shock in adjusting my game to the online setting.

      Looking forward to getting to the tables.

    • MasochisticDesire
      Joined: 25.10.2010 Posts: 487
      So, game on.

      Messed about playing NL2&NL5 (insidentally, I find playing NL5 the most tilting experience of my life to date) while sorting out a HUD. Defiately still a WIP.

      Started getting reaquainted with PokerTracker and posted some nooob Q's in the PokerSoftware forum. In backlash however, I got transfixed by the pretty graphs I could make and innevitably became obsessed with an aesthetically appealing upward gradient rather than optimal poker.....massively - EV.

      With $1,400 FDB I would need to grind out 98,000 WHpoints to clear it all. I think I'll beat Bolt in a sprint before I get even close to this and so have decided not to let it trouble me and just play, no point forcing volume if it means sloppy play and silly hours.

      Played NL10 most of Sunday and really enjoyed myself and have decided to grind this limit for August at least, gives me time to work on the foundations of the game but not so low that I lose the will to live.

      Couple of goals for August @ NL10:
      - 20k+ hand sample
      - play without checking $ progress during sessions (I'm playing 73BI for Christ sakes.)

      Research goals:
      - All Bronze and Silver strategy articles
      - start posting hands for evaluation

      - keep working on HUD (post here for advice when satisfied.)
      - keep building a comfort level 4 tabling
      - Catch some coaching & Vids
      - utilising PokerTracker

      So, thats August in a nutshell...
    • MasochisticDesire
      Joined: 25.10.2010 Posts: 487
      Ha, being a brit, Olympic advertisment is everywhere but this is the best I have seen by far.

    • MasochisticDesire
      Joined: 25.10.2010 Posts: 487

      Just played 500 odd hands, and true to my word, haven't checked PT or my WH account but defo bled 3-4BI.
      If I'm honest I think only one of those was a bad beat.

      I level myself into thinking 'he wouldn't play x like that its too transparent...ofcourse they the nuts you moron.
      My bluff percentage is too high also.
      Only posotive is that I think I'm playing a pretty decent pre-flop game.
      On the whole though - brutal analysis of my play....I SUCK!
      I'm slogging NL10 till I can prove that I can beat that game regardless of BR.

      Have marked some hands for review and will give them some level headed analysis tomorrow.

      Also need some sort of routine before I start sessions; give myself the best shot at being in the right mindframe.
    • MasochisticDesire
      Joined: 25.10.2010 Posts: 487
      So, a late review of August and my first month on the road to online poker ... competence (good to be realistic about these things :f_biggrin: )

      The big (if somewhat predictable) revelation;

      :f_cry: This FISH needs ArmBands :f_cry:

      So my graph (below) will reveal just how poor my start has been but I'm still very positive. I set myself some pretty lofty goals in terms of volume and research and massively underestimated the ammount of hours I could pump into the game while working full-time.
      I have made a lot of schoolboy errors but I think all of my experiences in August have taught me valuable lessons.

      Valuable mistakes in my Meta game:

      :spade: Spent a lot of time 6/8 tabling. I am not compitent enough to play so fast.
      September - I will play 4 tables max. (I do feel comfortable here.)

      :heart: Quantity over Quality. Linked to the above. Too focused on putting in some volume rather than working on my game though it was apparent that that was where I need to focus. I think this is a mindset change; accepting that I am a fish is defo +EV Concious Incompetence achieved :f_thumbsup: I am excited to start learning this game from scratch.
      September - Split my time at least 50/50 study and play.

      :diamond: Poker is a Microcosm of Life. I say this quite a bit but my last 6k hands last month remided me how true it is. I was pretty frustrated in life and took that to the tables and bled BI's. Fortunate timing had me fly out to Denmark for a holiday and I realised that if all I'm focusing my free time on is poker then becoming results orrientated and getting frustrated is innevitable. Massively -EV.
      September - Focus on keeping a positive balance to life. If this means cutting some poker time it will still prove +EV in the term.

      :club: Fancy Play Syndrome In game this results in me running bluffs without proper consideration of what I might represent and leveling myself into calling down way too light. I think it stems from 'Meta Game' preperation though, namely; Ignorance and Arrogance.

      All told August has been a bit of a rollercoaster but mentally moving in the right direction evan if the BR is headed the other.

      Giraffe and stats to follow (...soon as I figure out how.)
    • MasochisticDesire
      Joined: 25.10.2010 Posts: 487
      Finally got a graph up.
      This includes all NL10 and a fair bit of HU spew which will be avoided in future.
      I think the first 12K hands (although a very small sample) would suggest I am break evan/minor losing playing.
      Last 6k hands were pretty brutal as I lost temperement.
      Plenty motivation to work and improve.

      Goals for September:
      BR is still very comfortable for NL10 and, although Im not beating it yet, this will be my limit for the foreseable.

      - Worry less about volume. Quality over Quantity.
      - Find some structure to my research; join the beginers course, catch more coachings.
      - Post more hands for evaluation.
      - Colour co-ordinate HUD.

      All the best,
    • iThinBetRiver
      Joined: 06.06.2012 Posts: 12
      Interesting blog esp. the start :f_biggrin:

      I'm sure that you would turn it around esp. after learning from your mistakes and learning the strat from here.

      From personal exp. sticking to abc poker in this limit is always +EV. TPTK -> bet bet bet, reraise? fold :s_frown:

      I've also started NL10 very recently so I'll measure myself against your progress :D

      GL mate
    • MasochisticDesire
      Joined: 25.10.2010 Posts: 487
      Hey hey,
      somebody actually read my blog!

      Good stuff TBR, all the best with your journey through the micros. If ever you wanna chat poker PM me and we could Skype.

      Thanks for the encouragement. Finding myself in a limbo of self doubt and having to recallibrate my mental aproach to poker after my live experience.
      :f_confused: :f_confused:

      Anyhow, thanks for the responce.
    • sugalde
      Joined: 08.07.2008 Posts: 127
      NAsty run, You'' will turn it around plug those leaks !
    • MasochisticDesire
      Joined: 25.10.2010 Posts: 487
      @sugalde - cheers mate, Im on it but its gunna take a while :D

      So, September is drawing to a close. Volume this month has been severely lacking but work has had to take focus recently.

      Just wanna note some tendencies in my sessions:

      :diamond: In sessions where the majority of my opponents are regs I am consistently showing profit in nonSD winnings though overall my red line is on the descent (sharper than I'd like.) I think this is because I am more aware of the regs at the tables and give more attention to where I might be able to exploit them. I also avoid marginal spots post flop vs regs as I expect thier post flop game to be stronger than mine.

      :diamond: I catogorise weaker opponents in one This isnt specific enough. I find myself iso raising too wide and barelling TPanyK without considering board texture enough vs these players and my SD winnings take a nose dive.

      Recreational players might be the opponents that ship us a soft buy-in here and there but I am convinced that the bulk of your profit is going to be made finding spots to exploit the weaker regs. The ones that you can depend on to be at the tables, who improve slowly but are still exploitable or have gaps in their knowledge....oh wait, thats me :f_o:

      I'll post some graphs over the weekend to bring September to a close. Running 7buy-ins below EV in the last 6k hands :f_biggrin: not so fussed though.

      In other news:Gunna play a live tourney on Suday and I am still yet to realise my childhood or adult ambition ... though I did watch a vid on wind surfing.

    • MasochisticDesire
      Joined: 25.10.2010 Posts: 487
      :club: TAGging Trout & LAGging Limpets: Month No2 - FISH Stops the Rot :club:

      Another month done and I successfully stopped the downward plumet. Mainly due to not trying to 8 table, not spewing HU and generally sticking to my comfort zone 4tabling.

      Tough to find as many hours to play and study with a a busy job on the go atm but the volume is what it is.


      Crap quality pic (if anyone has any tips pls give me a heads up) but that says;
      Hands: 8,688
      Won: $43.27
      BB/100: 2.49
      Days: 13

      The total sum of my efforts so far...

      Thats right...27k hands and stuck 11BI's :f_biggrin:

      To be fair I am a fair spot under EV and am sure that I'm learning fast enough to beat NL10 regardless if I am currently in the red. Bit of self belief and a lot of hard work and Im confident I will turn it arround. :f_thumbsup:

      Didn't get a hell of a lot of research done this month (pretty much didn't do anything poker related for the two weeks mid Sept) but defo think I learnt a lot through playing. Strong believer that lessons learnt yourself or from your own mistakes are worth a ton.

      That said it is a lot slower than learning from other people that did things for themselves and are now happy to pass on the trade secrets....
      so I picked up 'Analytical No-Limit Hold'Em' by Thomas Baker.

      Oh, and I finished off the month with a VIP freeroll and bagged $75 for being horribly fished out to finish 11th. Might of posted it on a moan thread but thought ... freeroll! :f_cool:

      The innevitable to do list:
      :spade: Delve into the mind of Thomas Baker
      :heart: 12K hands (doesn't sound like much but I think that e40hrs play)
      :diamond: Keep posting hands for review
      :club: familiarity with Equilab and 'ranges'

      In other news:
      Only drink about once a month at the moment but had a rediculously heavy night that cost me 3figures on Friday :facepalm:O n a positive note I met two people that were potentially life enriching ...And after a great night in a booze addled state of mind didnt get contact info :facepalm: Life is to short for those schoolboy errorrs.

    • bennisboy
      Joined: 11.04.2011 Posts: 711
      Liking the blog so far and added you as a friend to talk about the study group
    • MasochisticDesire
      Joined: 25.10.2010 Posts: 487
      Good stuff bennis, getting a mic tomorrow. Hope to chat over the weekend.

      So, 1hour from 2full days freedom! Who'd of thunk it? Friday afternoon drags like a zombies broken leg. :f_zZz:

      Crazy events over the past couple of weekends (more below) have me genuinly excited to sit about and have a lazy weekend. Put the time to good use of course. Great time to catch up on some volume :f_p:

      Weekend Wizadry:

      :spade: Configure HUD
      (continual WIP but have been meaning to make some changes and begin colour co-ordinating the bloody thing for ages. Pull ya finger out.)
      :heart: Download Jared Tendler' Mental Game of Poker
      (some lunatics are giving it away freeeeeeeee! :f_thumbsup:
      :diamond: 3k+ hands.
      - Without checking graph/session results wherever possible.
      - 5 min break ever hour
      - no longer than 2.5 hr sessions without a longer break (30+min)
      - Post some hands for review between sessions.
      :club: catch veriz' coaching - Sun 16:30 - 18:00

      Started this month with a 6BI loss in the first week almost all down to poor mental preperation yada yada yada all heard it before but the goals are intended to stop that rot and keep focus.

      Records and Rehab

      so, Saturday just gone I tried to Satalite my way into a 2day £400+ freezeout. Cost me 80 quid to swing up n down and finish 3rd (only 1 ticket.) Mental note ... don't play these.

      As I had made the effort to travel to a Casino I thought I would play some cash so sat at a 1/2 £400 max game and before I new it I had played 24 hours and set my (modest by poker degen standards) session record. :f_cool:

      Not so cool is that long sessions are massively -EV and I only stuck arround because I stubbornly refused to leave until I was in the black again. :f_confused:

      The less said about my averall approach the better I think. The difficulty of traveling 50 miles to play is that you dont wanna leave before you got your moneys worth :D

      Ended up £160 after moving to play 2/5 after the 1/2 tables broke at about 7am. That works out at just over min wage per hour. BALLA ME!!! :s_cool:

      Fun time but wont be doing it again in a hurry.
      Back to reality, back to the grind. :pokerface:

      In other News:
      Despite sleep dep I managed to bag myself a date with one of the dealers. WIN!
      Got pissed with THE ex :f_confused:
    • bennisboy
      Joined: 11.04.2011 Posts: 711
      Still alive and kicking?
    • MasochisticDesire
      Joined: 25.10.2010 Posts: 487
      Still alive and kicking?

      Just about fella, thanks.
      Been pretty hectic my end with work kicking off and spending the majority of my free time throwing money at bar tenders (certain ammount of which is defo life+EV but I'v just hit the wall and starting to get my shit together again.)

      To kick start my return I thought I'd open my FT account to find a suprise of $2.05 :f_love:
      Pissed about playing PLH+PLO mixed game, then SNG's then Rush MTTs and through outrageous BRM and a rediculous run I binked an $11 Rush re-buy 7.5k Guar for just shy of $2k. :f_thumbsup: :f_cool:

      Also playing a few MicroMill events but with no joy.

      Still, outrageous good fortune and luckbox win has me regaining motivaion for poker. I got really tired not finding the hours to commit to my 6max learning curve and the volume grind that I think I might play a variety of formats over different platforms and consider learning/experience the priority up until Crimbo and try and free up some time for the more demmanding cash game grind in the New Year.

      As soon as PT3 release an update to track FT again I will post some stats on my Rush MTT progress (over small sample my ITM% atm is through the roof.) :s_evil:

    • MasochisticDesire
      Joined: 25.10.2010 Posts: 487
      Peaks and Troughs but where is the Profit? – Looking back @ 2013

      WARNING! ‘Ere be words.

      So, the blog has lain dormant for an entire orbit of the sun – a year older but am I a year wiser?

      What have I learnt? What life affirming experiences have I had that I can use to drive me from staring down the barrel of mediocrity … what indeed?

      At the close of 2012 I was burning out. Either drinking, drunk, or working hung-over on little or no sleep – top it all off with a (surprisingly healthy) relationship with an engaged woman and I was headed for a crash. Thankfully my alcohol addled self-awareness surfaced just long enough for me to spot it coming and take evasive action.

      With the little self-preservation left to me wagging a disapproving finger and screaming, ‘get your shit together,’ I temporarily took on a second role at work to keep myself busy and quit drinking for the first three months of 2013.
      I had also been rethinking what I hoped to get from poker. I had been attempting to develop my 6max game at NL20 on WillHill – however, already spending my hours at work starring at a screen I wasn’t overjoyed at doing more of the same in my spare time and generally wasn’t enjoying it greatly. My lack lustre attitude was certainly not improved by my spectacular lack of progress. I instead returned my attention to the form of poker I had initially been so taken by – LIVE! So I was grinding 1/1 & 1/2 of a weekend where I am more experienced and comfortable despite playing for considerably more money and was consistently exceeding my modest monthly salary.

      Whilst there is a fair amount of truth in the online communities exclamations that ‘live is for fish!’ there is certainly a lot of value to be made playing even these low limits presuming you can keep your cool while you’re only dealt 25-30 hands an hour and stomach the repetitive banter and cliché comments. There is evidently a lot more to say about live play than this but that is a separate post in itself. The upshot was that I had more disposable income than ever before and was headed to a reasonably sized dedicated bankroll for 1/2 Hold’em.

      I had been growing more and more dissatisfied with the company I worked for and less and less stimulated by the challenges it offered so that when they offered me the two job roles I had temporary been filling on a permanent basis for 5k less that it was worth, I barely hesitated in turning down the ‘promotion.’ I also realised in that moment that I had made a larger decision in that I was tired of working a repetitive, mind numbing job that slowly robbed me of all optimism and ambition – confident that I could at least make money off poker in the short term - my notice was in shortly afterwards.

      So, no job and a finite amount of funds to see me through until … and this is the problem, I didn’t really have a game plan, a goal, a direction or any of the things one should probably have when they quit their job during a recession. Rash very rash. I think I justified it to myself by insisting that having the courage to ‘risk it all’ and ‘follow your heart’ was an admirable character trait – and while I do believe this, doing so without thorough consideration is just foolish. As it happens I had been growing increasingly more unhappy and dissatisfied and didn’t have anything that couldn’t be replaced by filling in a few job applications if need be.

      I didn’t really know what I hoped to achieve through the extra hours playing live poker, sure there is the fantasy at the back of the mind where you make a mint, track down Liv Boree and it all ends balla ever after – realistically however, I knew I was working with a very tight bankroll and had to have a solid run if I was to sustain a life off poker for any length of time. Inevitably (and in hindsight I would almost say thankfully) this didn’t happen. A month in and all the wildcards conspired against me – I had to bail a relative out for a handy sum of money, move house at very short notice and hit a nasty run of cards that was exasperated by some tilt and poor expense management … and I was flat broke.

      I knew that going broke was the most likely outcome of my little adventure but I was guilty of letting my imagination run away with me and I had no contingency plan in place. By no means an expert after my short lived ‘shot’ but infinitely more knowledgeable then I had been, I had reflected a great deal on the pros and cons of potentially playing live poker fulltime. Although such a life is far from a bed of roses; I had tasted the freedom, dynamism and reward of doing something that by its very nature requires one to make self-improvement a priority. One could argue that this attitude could be adapted to any project but I sure as fuck couldn’t see me doing so in another god awful admin job.

      And so I got lost in an existential black hole as only the fortunate of this post-modernist first world know how. You know the questions –where was I going? What was I achieving in life? I have so much to offer but not the expression - yada yada yada. My rational mind knew perfectly well that I needed a job asap and had to set myself some short-term targets to get myself on track … in my arrogance and fear of returning to that oh so mundane ‘real world’ however, I decided I would take out a credit card, max it out on booze in a matter of months and rage at the world some more. FTW!

      It was at this time that it became apparent that my brother would soon be homeless. Both at rock bottom; my brother came to kip on the floor of the single room I rent. Although my brother is 25 and a grown man, I think it was the sense that I should be setting a better example that finally made me pull my shit together. So for the next three months we both worked 12 hour day’s manual labour six days a week to scrape by on £40 a week between us after we met the monthly minimum payments of the debt we had both managed to get ourselves in. We bitched and moaned to each other about it but no longer allowed ourselves the luxury of denying that we knew perfectly well who was responsible for getting us in this state of affairs … no one but ourselves.

      Three months later my brother nailed a trial week with BMW and now looks forward to a secure job with considerable prospects and great financial promise starting in the New Year. For myself I think I finally ‘manned up’ long enough to admit accountability for the dissatisfactions in my life and also recognise how detrimental denying responsibility can be. Our lives are not dictated by a long list of things that happen to us so much as our response to them. I have been so fixated on the idea of escaping the shackles of the typical western career orientated lifestyle that I have allowed myself to become distracted from cultivating the necessary character to make such an ambition a success. They say that acceptance is the first road to recovery and I am finding there is some truth to that.

      So, where’s the profit?
      Getting things back on track on the work front through a temp position for one of the most highly regarded educational institutions in the world and it looks hopeful that this will lead to a solid full-time position in the New Year. More importantly, I have reawakened my ambition and motivation to (although I hate the phrasing) ‘self-improve.’ Our futures are what we make them but no one is going to place it in our laps – they must be forged.

      The view that our lives are made of ‘peaks and troughs’ or ‘highs and lows’ is only due to our level of magnification to the thing in question, in this instance our lives. If we were to view the time line of our lives from further away or much faster you would only see a line. A line who’s direction is dictated by our ambitions and the discipline and strength of character not to lose sight of our goals and to persevere. Contrary to the title then, I do not see my past year in terms of highs and lows but as a general trend in the right direction – UP!

      (the next post will be about trying to get my graph to do the same :f_biggrin:

      If anyone made it this far and actually read my short essay, my thanks.

    • Grunn17
      Joined: 31.10.2010 Posts: 149
      Good read ! 1+
    • MasochisticDesire
      Joined: 25.10.2010 Posts: 487
      Ha! I didnt expect a single soul to read it.
      Thank you.

      Your persaverance has won you a link to an awsome track I happen to be listening to at this moment that you will undoubtedly have heard before :f_thumbsup:
      Good Saturday night prep music.

    • MasochisticDesire
      Joined: 25.10.2010 Posts: 487
      Back in the Game

      So with new found motivation in life I have returned to online poker.

      Long Term Goals:
      :spade: Beat NL100 by Christmas 2014
      :heart: Get back to the live felt and begin rebuilding a dedicated Live BR.
      :diamond: Ultimately be partially/wholly dependent on poker for an income
      (possible relocation in 2015 if necessary.)
      :club: The BOAT! (I’ll expand on this later.)

      Short Term Goals:
      :spade: Move out of NL5 by Crimbo
      :heart: Work through the Beginners Course.
      :diamond: Work on my post flop game.
      :club: Grind! and possibly add a third table.

      Progress through November:

      Im playing ZOOM! exclusively at the moment (2 tables.) The least volume I would like to hit is 20k hands a month which would be tough to do working six days a week and grinding regular tables.

      Fair chunk at the start was playing HUDless abc poker with good results. 10k ish dead even stretch as I think I was over complicating play at this level. Something clicked and I crushed for the last week. Main change was to tighten up my opening ranges to TPGK heavy due to minimal fold equity at this level and not worry about adjusting bet sizing according to hand strength as no one is going to notice at NL5 ZOOM. Enjoying it thus far.


      Happy with progress but many things to work on.
      My primary concern at the moment is why am I not winning enough from the cut off?



      First week has been eaten up by work and job applications for the new year but still managed to spew 6BIs trying to sort my PT3 HUD out only to find it is no longer compatible with ZOOM. I have now upgraded to PT4 that I purchased for $59.99 before discovering that I was eligible for a free upgrade … Not my finest week where poker is concerned.

      Goals (weekly structures will be set every Sunday.)

      :spade: Gain familiarity with PT4
      :heart: Beginners Course h/w 2&3
      :diamond: 25k+ hands and shoot @NL10
      :club: Catch some coaching’s, make detailed hand posts, focus while playing and remove distractions

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